Doing laundry in a sack

I hate doing laundry in the sink.  Sometimes the universal stopper doesn’t work,  sometimes the sink is too small to fit a pair of pants, water gets everywhere, the detergent drys my skin, etc.

Instead of laundry in the sink, I’m going to try laundry in a sack.  A dry sack to be specific.  Dry sacks are used by kayakers to keep the things inside dry.  I figure I could use it to keep the things inside wet and the world outside dry.

Most dry sacks are made of heavy fabric so they can survive being slung around on rocky shorelines.  Sea to Summit makes light ones.  I purchased their 20 liter “Lightweight Dry Sack”.  It weights 4.2 oz and holds a day’s worth of laundry.

Added benefits include that I now have a water proof sack for when I need to pack a wet garment.  I can take the filled sack out of the bathroom to do the agitation.  I can leave it to soak for as long as I want without the water draining away.

I also purchased a large synthetic travel towel.  I wring out my clothes then roll them up in a towel and wring out the towel / clothes combo.  This usually thoroughly soaks all the large towels.  Using a travel towel will leave the room towels untouched and give me a backup towel for drying myself off.


2 Responses to Doing laundry in a sack

  1. d9gk2fh says:

    You’re like me, only you’ve done everything first. How did this experiment go! I’m intrigued. . .

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      It worked fine. I still use it when I’m on the road.

      Solved all the problems I thought it would and didn’t introduce any new ones. The dry sack lasted far longer than I expected. The crap quality grouting in Philippine bathroom floors chewed up the bottom until it started leaking. Now I put down a plastic bag or newspaper as protection if needed. The 20 liter sack is just big enough for one day’s clothes. More will fit but I think the water required would put too much stress on the bag’s seams.

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