An unexpired drivers license upon return

If and when I return to the US I’m going to need to rent a car which means I’m going to need a drivers license.  My license expires in ten months which seems way too soon.  Nevada allows one to renew their license ‘at any time’, according to the DMV website.  I suppose they thought folks who could get some spare time when the DMV wasn’t busy would do so before their official 30-day renewal window.

When I said I wanted a license renewal, the clerk looked at the expiration date and advised me to come back later.  I told her I needed it now because the expiration date on my International Driver’s License that I was about to go get would be based on the expiration date of my state drivers license.  No problem, and I now have a Nevada license that expires in four years and 10 months.

Just in case you’re wondering, the international license’s expiration date is based on your state drivers license, or one year, whichever is sooner.


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