San Fernando (La Union Province)

San Fernando is a small coastal town known to expats in Baguio as the closest place to go play in the ocean and to surfers as one of the 4 best places to surf in the country. It’s too small for my tastes, but stopping for a few nights here both broke up a long bus ride into manageable segments and allowed me to hang out at the surf ‘resorts’ visiting with the international crew of surfers. I last surfed regularly in 1976. Although separated by generations (both younger and older) time and technological changes, the surfers were pretty much as I remembered. One difference was how low-key they were compared to my memories of So Cal. That may have been because there was more than enough waves for everyone.

The town has a Taiwanese temple, the Ma – Cho temple. Dual miracles and series of events led both Taoists and Catholics to the same image at the same location. The venerated image is treated by the two religions as being the same entity.

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