Misc. notes

  • I’ve been to a ‘wet market’ (combo produce, meat, fish, fowl). I now know why everyone cooks meat thoroughly.
  • I’ve seen helpful bus drivers and hotel doormen grab a rolling suitcase by the extended handle and attempt to lift or swing it. One handle (not mine) crumpled like a coat hanger. Resistance is not futile.
  • I didn’t bring enough pants with zippered front pockets. The seat in a trike is inches off the floor, so stuff tends to fall out. My cell phone fell out as I was exiting a trike, I didn’t hear it because of the street noise. The trike driver was honest, or recognized the 5 year old phone as worthless, because he gave it back to me.
  • Inter city or inter province bus trips require dehydration or a Stadium Pal. The buses do not have bathrooms and stops are a few hours apart.

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