Banking Security

I’ve had a cold / sore throat since right before I came to Cebu, so it’s back to writing about mundane stuff just to keep my brain occupied.

The last thing I’d ever do with a financial account is access it from an Internet cafe. Between key stroke loggers and the ability for an employee to see ones desktop it’s not an option I wish to consider. My plan was to access the financial websites only as an last resort and so far it’s working.

Withdrawals are done at ATMs obviously. I set up automatic transfers from my IRA institution to the checking accounts I have at two banks. Two checking accounts with two ATM cards each is because techno geeks like backup systems. There have been times when the ATM card from one bank as failed to work but the other did.

Both banks have account access via an automated phone system. One of the banks allows me to transfer funds both ways between the two checking accounts, while the other just allows transfers in.

Only one of the banks allows account services by calling a human. The other doesn’t charge me any fees for international ATM use, so I see that as a fair trade off.

Both banks have mobile versions of their websites that allow basic account access. Should I ever need this I’ll have to get a phone that can handle it.

As far as I can tell, I can do everything I need with the accounts without resorting to an Internet Cafe.

Finally, I brought my XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child Foundation to use over WiFi should I need to actually access the web sites. I also use it to access my Earth Class Mail account to view account statements.


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