After Sinulog

It’s hot. I’m hot. My feet hurt, I need to sit down and cool off. I’m thirsty, out of water and need to pee. We’re packed 4 – 5 deep along the metal barrier and every time somebody pulls out the rest of us flow into the void making sure to maintain who is in front of who. I’ve been here for 90 minutes, what am I still doing here? Then the next parade group arrives. The joy in their faces, the energy in their dance, the life in the music makes me forget all of the discomfort and I just absorb and enjoy the spectacle.

I’ve  tried several times to write something based on the notes I took during my rest breaks on both parade day and the night before. Finally concluded there was nothing I could say that didn’t seem to be of interest only to myself or wasn’t said much better by the photos.

This album was shot while the groups were staged but the parade hadn’t started yet.

During the parade.

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