Hot, hot, hot.

The locals show few signs that summer (April and May) has arrived.  It’s rare to see one carrying a water bottle or wearing a hat designed to shade more than the eyes.  Some girls use umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun, but they are fighting tanning, not the heat.

Handling the heat of summer is a crucial test in deciding if I could live year round in the tropics (or what ever the technical term is for a climate that has two seasons of rain (no rain and rain) and two seasons of temperature (hot and very hot).  I’m relieved that I didn’t start limiting my time outdoors during the afternoon because of the energy sapping combo of temperature and humidity until the locals started to complain about the heat.  Of course the big difference is that they live in it 24/7 while I take refuge in Air Conditioned spaces when using Internet, eating, reading in a Starbucks clone, sleeping, etc.


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