A different sort of PDA

A different sort of PDA (Public Display of Affection).

PDA is rarely seen in the Phils. Holding hands is about it, though one occasionally sees a young Filipino couple swapping spit. I have yet to see PDA between a foreigner / Filipina couple that was more involved than a hand on a shoulder.

Ann (not her real name) and I had gone out several times. She clerks at a place near my favorite Lechon Manok joint so I also get to stop and visit when her work is slow. PDA has been non existent, public or private.

We took the ferry from Cebu to Mactan Island yesterday, a 15 minute trip across Cebu harbor. I wanted to go for the boat ride and to shoot some photos in the Lapu-Lapu town market. We wandered around the market and the surrounding area.

Ann is outgoing (shoot, compared to Americans, everybody here is outgoing) and was talking to people while I was taking photos. The first few times she laughed and put on a big smile during the short conversations. Finally she volunteered that most of the people she was talking to were asking if I was her husband. That has not happened before to us. Who says one has to touch to have a PDA? What ever shift has occurred in our body language seems subtle to me, but I’m not on the outside looking in.

Fried Banana Vendor

Aquarium bound fish

By the slice


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