I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

1. From the Sun Star newspaper

“Some 90% of the 125,000-strong Philippine National Police Force have shooting skills below international standards, a National Police Commission official said Friday”

2.  One of the nearby cities having a several day long celebration.  A short triathlon is one of the related events.  There are three divisions: one for the most fit, one for the not so fit and one for city employees.  The most fit division had a 800 meter swim, a 20 k bike and a 5 k run.  The city employee division was easier, the swim was 100 meters and the other legs were also shortened.  Actually, the city employee division has a name, it’s the “Aided” division.  Those participants who wish to use a flotation device during their swim may do so.  There are over 7100 islands in the country.  Very few know how to swim.

3.  There was a bus crash in one of Cebu’s mountain barangays.  A bus that was certified to carry 40 passengers was carrying 50.  While descending a hill it blew a tire and went off the road into a ravine.  Two were killed and many were injured.  The bus belonged to the barangay and had been rented out for private use, as is the custom.

The Sun Star newspaper stated: [the official] “said the second hand bus, with the barangay had used for the past three years, was in good running condition and regularly checked.  However, he said, it was not capable of traveling uphill.”

4.  Mactan is an island 1 kilometer from Cebu.  The straight between them forms Cebu harbor.  The outer coast of the island contains top end western brand, style and priced resorts, e.g. Marriott.  The international airport on the island makes this an inexpensive luxury destination for the well off in South East Asia.

From an editorial in the Cebu Daily News on Earth Day.

“Last year … [this newspaper] … reported the Environmental Management Bureau’s findings of high coliform readings in several beach resorts in Mactan, which, at the time, remained unnamed by the paper.
Why?  In the absence of a response from the resorts, we thought it unfair to single them out.”

The resorts test the bacteria levels in the sea water regularly, so does the EMB.  This year the EMB announced the number of resorts with unhealthy levels of shit in the waters next to them had doubled.  The EMB’s report named the resorts, just as it had done the year before.  For the second year in a row the newspapers did not report the names of those resorts.


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