Playing With Other People’s Food

I learned early on that the farther one goes down the socio-economic scale in eating establishments, the less likely it is to encounter meat that is not fully- (i.e., over-) cooked.  Food handling standards are such that overcooking meat is a Very Good Thing, but I don’t like to be reminded why.

I walked by the nearby hotel and saw a delivery truck standing with it’s rear doors open while the driver and another man stood and talked.  The cargo box of the truck was insulated.  In the states, such a truck would have a diesel powered AC unit.  I did not see or hear any such refrigeration unit, even though I walked around the truck looking for one.  The cargo was visible through the open doors.  It was big bags of chicken parts destined for restaurants.  The bags were on the floor.  I didn’t see any ice or signs of ice in the cargo area.  As I waited for the light to change so I could cross the street, I estimated there were about 30-50 bags of chicken parts.  It was about 95 degrees out.  I wonder what the temperature of the last delivered bag of chicken was when it reached it’s destination.


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