Travel Plans

When traveling I plan things days in advance because time is ticking down to having to get on the big ‘ol jet airliner for the trip home.  Not having a ticket home has fueled my procrastination.  It’s easy to put something off til tomorrow and tomorrow and next week and next month.

I’d gleaned enough information about other places in the Visayas region from those who had been there that I’d put together a list of places to go visit that was beyond my list of towns to check out as possible places to live.  About the time I was checking fast craft ferry schedules and seeing which towns had airports it dawned on me that it was summer.  Bad season to spend a lot of time outdoors.  Good reason to procrastinate some more.  There are some easy and obvious destinations that are overnight trips from Cebu, I think I’ll focus a little closer to home until summer ends in June.  (And yes, having just come from a place where summer began in earnest in June, it was weird to write that last sentence.)

But I’m not alone in putting things off.  A story is told in the Philippines about a Spanish official who visited the country during the colonial period to find out why so little of what he wanted was getting done.  He spoke with a wise old Filipino man.  The Spaniard explained the concept of ‘manana’ to the Filipino and asked if his culture had the same concept.  “Yes”, said the old man, “but without the same sense of urgency.”


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