Lechon Kawali

Boil thick slices of pork belly then deep fry it just before serving. Often served with onions and a sauce containing soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic. The combo of deep frying and pork fat is more than enough fat for most pallets so it is usually presented in small serving sizes.

This meal was cooked in oil that was not hot enough for proper frying, so the skin did not puff up like pork rind. One advantage of being fryed at the wrong temperature is that the pork starts to fall apart. On this plate are hunks of pork meat, hunks of pork meat and fat, blobs of fat, fat plus skin, solo strips of skin and the trifecta of meat, fat and skin. That’s six distinct mouth feels.

From Andock’s, a sloppily made fast food version.

A professionally shot photo showing what it’s supposed to look like.


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