Puso – Hanging Rice

Puso is the Cebuano name for a means of preparing rice in several Southeast Asian countries. The rice is wrapped in a woven triangular basket of coconut palm leaves and then cooked. I’ve seen it hanging before but never when I had my camera. More about Puso at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketupat

The photo was taken outside of a closed Lechon Manok stand (spit roasted chicken). I’m guessing that this is his morning delivery of rice. Mostly because it was morning, rice and the place sells Puso. I’m a regular Sherlock Holmes.


One Response to Puso – Hanging Rice

  1. Hi,

    Just typed hanging rice in the WP search field to see related posts, and saw your site…

    Funny musings, nice wanderings and honest observations.

    Hopefully, you’ll find that place you were looking for…

    Will be a regular visitor…

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