Travel Gear Follow-up

Should have brought:

A headlamp. Blackouts happen, trying to accomplish something while holding flashlight in mouth is a pain. I brought two AA Maglites. I’d rather have one Maglite and one headlamp. Either that or a headband with a clip to hold the Maglite.

New Tevas, or at least newer Tevas than the ones I have. The Velcro is losing it’s grip. There is no problem finding someone to sew on new Velcro but finding the Velcro may be a problem.

More boxer shorts. The ones here are crap or expensive.

A casual belt. All my pants stay up without a belt, so the only belt I brought was a black leather one to wear with the cotton slacks. I’ve lost weight and need a belt with all my shorts.

Glad I Brought

Multi-tool (AKA Leatherman) I expected to use the knife blade, the can opener and the bottle opener. The unexpected use was the pliers for adjusting an air conditioner that had knobs which were so worn where they contacted the shaft that making small adjustments was impossible.

Anti-histamines. My favorite one is not available here. My second favorite is but it’s about USD $1 per tablet. OK, I’m not serious about bringing more, this is just a warning to you to check local prices on Rx and OTC that you don’t want to live without.

Two waist security pouches. The type I use has a textured fabric surface on the side that rests against the body or undies. This fabric does not dry overnight. If one is not washing their security pouch at least every other night the bad guys may not see you have a security pouch but they will smell it.

A Tilly Hat. If you’ve ever had one, no explanation is necessary.

The newest USD $100 bills I could find. Good luck exchanging a bill that is a little beat up. I had 2 bills that banks refused to cash. A money exchange place took them. It occurred to me to take the bills to a laundry to have them pressed, but that wasn’t necessary.

Would Have Been Nice To Bring – Maybe

My cell phone does not have a camera and my camera is not ultra light. If I had a lighter camera or a cell phone camera I’d have more shots of unexpected things.

Not Used

Long Underwear. I thought I might be going to Baguio which is at an elevation where they would have been needed. A set of Patagonia Capilene longies provide the most warmth per weight and bulk. I had them already, there was room in my suitcase so in they went and there they have stayed.

Sunglasses. I have a big brimmed hat which has been more than enough eye protection. I have yet to be on a boat or beach on a sunny day so I expect they will come in handy.


My netbook is an XO by OLPC. It runs Linux so I can’t back up my Palm PDA which I use for learning Spanish. It also doesn’t work on many WiFi spots.

On the plus side, it’s durable, a battery charge lasts longer than most netbooks and it looks like a children’s toy so it’s probably slightly less likely to be stolen. Running Linux means any virus I pick up at an Internet cafe on my USB stick won’t affect it. I’ve also learned more about Linux by having to clean viruses off the stick.

I bought it at the dawn of netbooks, figuring that when it eventually died or was stolen (or I threw it out a window) that the netbook market would be larger with better equipment at cheaper prices.

The keyboard was designed for children so it’s strictly two finger typing. I bought a USB keyboard for USD $6 that I use when writing blog entries in my room, like this one.


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