Bites In A Line

Mosquitoes love me. Here they usually go for my lower legs but it didn’t surprise me when I noticed one on my back. I usually know when I’m being chewed on and I didn’t remember getting bet. Every day I’d have another bite then two or three. What is going on here?

It wasn’t mosquitoes. The bites in a line (see photo) are a characteristic of bed bugs. I didn’t know that. The one that was feeding on me decided this was a good time for reproduction. I woke one morning with 20 new bites. Help!

They sprayed the room. That night I slathered on insect repellent and woke with 10 more new bites. Yikes.

I had my room changed and have not had a new bite since. I’ve been planning for weeks to move out of here at the end of my 30 day pre-paid period. I hope I don’t bring any eggs with me.


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