Lodging Comparision

I moved into an Apartelle in February. An apartelle is a cross between an apartment and a hotel, it’s a hotel room or suite with a kitchen. My need for dietary fiber and the difficulty in finding it meant that I needed a kitchen.

Apartelle selection in uptown Cebu is limited. One place had decent location and rooms but the security was unacceptable. One had great rooms but the location was horrible. Tonros Apartelle was my choice despite rejecting it out of hand when I first saw it a few months earlier. Great location and rooms that rate as high as adequate only to the frugal and those who used to spend a lot of time sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag.

[Added Feb 10 2010] I was a little harsh with the room description. I think it was because I didn’t want to mislead anyone and was also ready for some luxury after living a budget lifestyle for 3 months. I liked Tonros, otherwise I would not have stayed for as long as I did. The staff are helpful, friendly and fun. The two worst aspects are the rooms are dark and ventilation is poor.

I’ve left the apartelle and moved into a hotel. I found a place with a location and price that I like. There is no kitchen but between an expanded list of restaurants where I can buy veggie dishes, a big refrigerator and my commitment to fruits and raw veggies my colon will be happy.

The photos below show comparable features of the two places. At the end of this page I’ll say how much more the Crowne Garden Hotel costs per night (in dollars) than the Tonros Apartelle. In the meantime, take your best guess. The photos are paired: Tonros first, Crowne G second.


Snacks. Those yellow squares under the stand’s legs are stickum to stop rats.

Wide view of room

Closet and Storage Space

Two photos are needed to show storage space at the Crowne Garden

Tonros did have a table, Crowne Garden does not.

Views. That’s an air conditioner, a tin exhaust redirecter to point the hot air up instead of against the concrete.

University of the Southern Philippines. School started this week. I’m still looking for where the nursing students hang out.

At the monthly rate and a dollar – Peso exchange rate of $1 = P 47 the Crowne Garden costs $7.38 more a night.


One Response to Lodging Comparision

  1. Randy says:

    The place looks great Bones. Whats the location like? Location Location Location!! Can I walk out the front door and get a cab? Laundry nearby? Bars within walking distance for guy with one leg? Place looks clean though. Pretty staff? Friendly? Thanks Billy

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