The Problem With Photographing Filipinos

They love to pose. As soon as someone recognizes their picture is being taken they adopt a pose. I’m lucky if I get one shot off before the subject(s) notice and I have to move on.

I met professional photographer who shoots street scenes here. He shoots from across the street with a long lens and a camera with no lag between pressing the shutter and taking the picture. He gets off a couple of shots before he too has to move on.

Most of my candid people pictures look like this. With a 3x lens the image is more landscape than a picture of people. I don’t think they’re worth posting.

There was a torrential downpour today. After it let up I noticed the streets were filling with water. I grabbed my umbrella and camera and scooted out to the street.

First shot. The two boys on the left have noticed me.

Second shot. The boys who noticed are rushing into the water to get in on the shot. I shot in a hurry to get them before they started posing, which is why the image is blurred. Mr red pants is posing, so I guess it’s good for me that he’s mostly a blur.

Third shot. It’s all over for me, but they’re having a good time.


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