Finding Reasons Not To Date Her

Just the latest example of what I’ve been dealing with here. Come to think of it, I suspect I have not given any examples. I could check by reading my own blog, but that might actually lead to increased self awareness, so I’d better not.

One of the things I learned as a hang glider and later sailplane pilot is never go to the flying site to fly. Go to look for reasons not to fly. If I can’t find any reasons not to fly then I’ll fly. Too many pilots in all sorts of powered and unpowered craft have died because they flew despite the conditions.

There is a parallel in foreigners dating Filipinas. Most of the ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’ stories from the expat men started with getting involved when they shouldn’t have. The general advice among foreigners here is stop pursuit at the first sign of something the slightest bit wrong. Actually, that’s the advice if one is looking for good girls. If one is looking for bad girls, one looks for signs that things are more than a bit wrong.

Long story short. Met and chatted on line, decided to meet in person. She didn’t know the place I suggested. It’s an office park half a kilometer wide and a kilometer deep and most of the call center jobs in the city are located there. It’s Filipino yuppie central. The customers at her job are all Filipino yuppies or foreigners. She’s been in town for 10 years and doesn’t know where it is. Strike one and yer out.

I decide to meet her anyway, just for the company and to brush up on my scamer spotting skills. The fact that she is an aerobics instructor had no influence on my still wanting to meet her. We set a time and place. I always meet at 11 am for coffee. That way if things go well we do lunch.

I texted her this morning claiming I deleted the text where we set the time, asking her if it was 10 or 11. 2pm she replied. Strike two and yer out even for practice.


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