Bohol was a mixed bag. I shot about 125 pics, that is my idea of fun. I ran into a man (James) that I had met months ago and got to meet his family and spend an evening in his home.

I also encounter the moldiest shower I have ever seen (paid lodging category) and caught another mild sore throat. The illness was part of the reason to head back to Cebu. I wanted to hole up in a comfortable place with everything I needed withing walking distance. I didn’t know any place in Bohol that fit those requirements.

Part of the reason for not staying as long in Bohol as I had anticipated is that I once again lost motivation to go to a beach. The last time I went snorkeling I developed Acute Labyrinthitis. That was in the Dominican Republic at a major dive destination and lucky for me a local doc was trained in the US and knew dive medicine.

My combination of chronic allergies and diving deep enough to have to clear my ears was for my inner ear. Most of the beach resorts I have been near enough to visit are located where they are because of the quality of diving. Going their and not being able to dive would be frustrating. Just hanging out at beach has long since lost it appeal, so I don’t know what I even keep thinking about going to a beach town.

Here are my favorite photos.

Mother and Child Tarsier.

James told me that flash photography of Tarsiers was not permitted. I agreed, saying that with eyes that big a flash would obviously make their skull explode.

The Eyes of The Cave

Eyes of the Cave From Above. The blur on the left hand side of the hole is a swallow flying through. The ceiling of the cave is covered with swallows nests.

The rest of the Bohol photos. If you are wondering where the other 90+ photos went, I keep one for about every ten I shoot.


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