Standing out like a sore thumb, the good part.

A man came to my hotel to pick up my big suitcase. I’m storing it while traveling around the Visayas. He remembered everything except my name. He specified a one hour window for an arrival time, so I was waiting in my room. The front desk calls and asks if I am expecting a visitor named Paul. I said sure and headed down to the lobby. When I get there Paul says the front desk knew who I was because I was the only Occidental staying in the hotel.


I always have earplugs handy when traveling. Waiting for the ferry I had two choices, the air conditioned room with the bad 3 piece band or the non air conditioned room. I chose the band + ear plugs.

I predicted it

At restaurants the sequence in which things are brought to the table is usually random. Food arrives before eating utinsils, rice may come 5 minutes before anything else, appetizers are served with the rest of the meal, etc.

At dim sum restaurants, the items are usually brought out sequentially, at least in the states. My order was two dim sum dishes and a plate of vegetables. All arrived at the same time.


I did not check the room well enough before accepting it. I should have turned on the light in the bathroom. The shower had more mold on it than I was willing to put up with. I asked to move and explained the reason for wanting to move. The other rooms had air conditioners that sounded like power tools. I found another hotel. When I returned to the room, it had been cleaned. Except for the shower.

They know its a dirty country

Food that touches a table top become toxic waste. I am not convinced the trays at fast food places are cleaned properly, though the paper insert lessens my concerns. I wonder if it should. At McDonalds when one orders fries, they are placed on top of a napkin. Is that just presentation or does the staff know something about the paper inserts that I do not? (Oh, and if you are wondering why I am not using contractions in this post, it is because this keyboard has a single quote key that rarely works.)


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