Leaving For Dumaguete

The interaction of air pollution, my allergies and respiratory disease are wearing me down. I’m leaving Cebu tomorrow for Dumaguete City, the smallest town (116k population) on my list. There are reasons not to go there next but they are overridden by my need to see how my body likes less pollution.

I have started researching air pollution in Thailand, the next country on my list. The entire north of the country is out of the question during the dry season which is a bummer because the places that intrigued me the most are there. I don’t know much about the south, hence the research.

I’m contemplating when to go. Getting there before the winter tourist season has all sorts of advantages. I’m thinking of heading there by Sept. 1 even if I’m not done with the Phils yet. I can always come back. Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen.

Well, it might. I’ve never selected a country to live in. Never really selected a city or state in the US for that matter. I chose the grad school based on it’s quality, not its location. My first job offer was my only job offer so off I moved. I stayed in the region for decades until the combination of being old for a programmer with less than current skills motivated me to accept a job in a town that has always had little or no appeal for me.

So I don’t know what the process is in selecting a town or region to live except that first on my list is that it and my respiratory system play well together. There is a minimum level of amenities aimed at foreigners that I desire. Dumagete is a smallish town, I will see how a few weeks there impacts those desires that are not present.


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