Wednesday Market in Malatapay

I’ve loved photographing markets even since I began traveling. I’ve been disappointed by most of the markets in the Phils. They are usually located in industrial strength concrete buildings and the lack of natural light combined with the drabness of products offered makes for poor photos.

There is a once a week market in a small town about 40km south of Dumaguete. The market is on a road that runs from the national highway out to the sea shore which is the jumping off point to Apo island, famous for it’s SCUBA diving and dive oriented resorts.

The market is outdoors, the sun was out and I easily became engrossed in shooting pics until I filled up the memory card. Darn. I guess I will have to go back.

Warning. If you are a PETA member you might not like the photos of dead animals and fish being turned into food.

Carabao. They pull plows when young and become food when old.

These four had the greatest assortment of fish in the entire market.

This little piggy was not happy with how he was going home from market.

But he settled down once he realized resistance was futile.

The other people on the Jeepney were quite amused at my reaction when the pig was being tied to the outside of the vehicle. Such is life to them, I had no idea and showed it.

Malatapay Market album.


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