More on Malatapay Market

I wish I’d written about the market when my memories were still vivid. Things happened, including hurrying back to Cebu, meeting with the man who is storing one of my suitcases, finding a hotel that had rooms available all while supposedly also arranging travel to another country to meet an old friend (more about that in a future post) while coming down with the flu.

The vividness has faded into the general memory that it was the most fun I’d had photographing a market in this country. I was struck by the variety of goods, dodging trikes in the lane, watching some of the foreigner scuba dive tourists roll up their nose at unedited third world exposure, the friendliness of the vendors when I asked to take their pictures, the food vendor stalls coming to life as the first customers of the day trickled in, large chunks of animal protein being cut into smaller chunks for purchase or consumption and enveloping it all a cooling ocean scented breeze that rustled the palms.

The next time I go to this market I would like to see how close to it I can find overnight accommodations, then show up at first light to watch it be set up. To avoid a major D’oh! moment, I’d first ask around to make sure they set up in the morning and not the previous afternoon or night.


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