Sample Health Care Costs

I got sick again but am on the mend and feeling almost human. I would not have posted this if it were not so.

Getting the Flu is no big deal. I have also had lung infections. Not both at the same time, however.

Taxi to Doctor’s office: P 30, $ 0.63

Ten minute visit: P 400, $ $8.33.

Taxi to hotel to get more cash and ATM card because hospitals require cash up front: P 30, $ 0.63

Taxi to Chong Hua Hospital: P 30, $ 0.63. It’s a short walk but didn’t want to do it in the rain.

Get Patient ID because I’ve never been treated at hospital: Two helpful clerks, a two minute stand in line.

Digital Chest X-Ray: P 330, $ 6.88. No line at the radiology department. Took the bill to the cashier where about 15 people were waiting for their priority number to be called. Took my priority number and checked the board. Saw that priority numbers started with one of four letters. Didn’t bother to sit down because I had the next number for my letter. It’s good to be a foreigner.

Back in radiology I was directed to the door of the X-ray room. Three techs and no customers meant no waiting.

Next to the lab for the blood work, CBC: P 120, $ 2.50. Five minute line this time but again front of the line at the cashier’s window and for the blood work, drawn by a tiny, sweet, young brown angel all in white who’s smile I was not to sick to appreciate.

Next stop was the pharmacy. One course of Tamiflu: P 1044, $ 21.75. Cost at $92.99 plus tax and shipping.

Antibiotic: P 1747, $ 36.02. Cost at $ 180.43 plus tax and shipping.

Walk to hotel. It’s only 300 yards and the rain has stopped. Pick up a chocolate torte (P 8, $ 0.17) along the way.

And I got a photograph taken by a professional.


2 Responses to Sample Health Care Costs

  1. Ellen says:

    Hmmm, the doctors over there can’t get your height or weight right, but the medical diagnosis and recommended treatment are correct?

    Never mind, just get well.

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