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Infrequently and irregularly updated sites, like this one, are a pain to follow. One either checks the site often only to not find new content or one checks infrequently to find several new posts. The solution is RSS.

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It’s built into WordPress, the software that runs this blog, and many other blog and blog-like software. If you only follow one blog then using RSS more trouble than it’s worth. I follow 6 blogs so it’s easier for me to go to one place to check for updates instead of six.

I use Google Reader. This allows me to check for updates whether I’m on my netbook or at a net cafe. Google has instructions on how to use it.

Internet Explorer has a RSS reader built it. Firefox has RSS add-ins. Other browsers have RSS readers, but I do not know the details.

And I can’t tell you the details of how a specific RSS reader works because all the net cafes have that feature turned off. I can’t go to a net cafe, fire up Internet Explorer, subscribe to a feed and then tell you how to do it because the features have been disabled. That is because browsers are designed to hold the RSS subscriptions of an individual users, not many users. I can tell you to RTFM, which is tech speak for Read The Fine Manual.

But I can give you some hints.

you can go to the box in the right hand margin of this page that looks like this:


Click on the line that says ‘Entries RSS’. You will be taken to a WordPress page that will contain a button or link with the word ‘subscribe’. Click on it. Your browser should do the rest. Once you have subscribed to a feed the new posts will show up as entries in your Favorites or Bookmarks menu.


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