An Unfair Comparison

In a recent post, I compared the Phils to first impressions of Thailand. It was a true but unfair comparison in that I was comparing Thailand resort areas to Filipino towns with a tourist industry. I had no interest in visiting Filipino tourist resort areas so I have nothing to compare them to.

That said, I have a couple more unfair companions. The cats here have sleek coats, are well fed and lie around acting like cats. Most of the cats I saw in the Phils looked scraggly, poorly fed and were warily watching the world around them.

I picked up my laundry and gave the man a 100 baht note for the 90 I owed him. He poked around his change box and could not find a 10 baht coin so he gave me a 20. I thanked him and dug through my pockets to find a 10 baht coin for him. In the Phils he would have just not given me any change. In many cases, he wouldn’t have given me the change even if he had it.


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