Thailand So Far

I plopped myself down at Kamala Beach and vegged. Swam, wandered, photographed, read, hung out in the shade, rented a scooter and poked around up and down the coast. Waited to meet up with an old friend who wasn’t trying to make himself available so I left town for a couple reasons. The food was mostly mediocre. The night life consisted of a few bars occupied by foreigners working on turning alcohol into urine and in some bars populated by 3 or 4 rent-a-girls. Six kilometers away was one of the countries major tourist destinations, so I threw my bag onto a Tuk-Tuk and gave up slow and quiet for bustling and seedy.

Phuket island has a mix of breathtakingly expensive world class resorts, boutique hotels, the usual big chains and a mix of mid range and backpacker accommodations. There are restaurants and spas covering the same range of cost and quality The visitors are just as diverse, a range of ages, countries of origin, families, groups of mates couples and aging pervert males. Makes for nice people watching.

It also makes for Patong, a tourist trap that is tuned to shake the visitors and catch the falling baht. This T shirt sums up my reaction.

I’d hate to see this place during the peak season.

Plans were to stay one night and then head to Phuket Town. That 45 min jump would make the next planned trip that much shorter. I woke the first morning with a tummy that didn’t feel quite right so I stayed a second night. By then I was having fun wandering down the smaller Sois at night (a soi is a small street off a larger street) to experience the seediness on a smaller scale and decided on another night.

If you want to hit the beach there are much better ones up and down the coast. If you just want a warm place to drink and watch the freak show then it seems like a good bet. That’s fun for a night or two.

I shot zero photos in Patong mostly because it would have been intrusive to photograph the people I wanted to. I have edited the Kamala Beach photos and the first day’s shots from Phuket Town.
Kamala Beach Album
Phuket Town Album


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