Lightweight Luggage

Victorinox Werks Traveler is light, durable, expensive and has version numbers. Yep, just like software. I own the Werks Traveler 2.0 24″ suitcase. When version 3.0 came out all their retailers dumped stock to the luggage and travel discounters. Learned about it because I’m on Sierra Trading Post’s mailing list.

During the recent spike in oil prices most airlines did some combination of lowering their baggage limit and increasing their excess baggage fees. Philippine Airlines, for example, changed their fees from a per pound fee to a flat $75 or $150 for a heavy bag. Ouch.

Compare the weight of Werks Traveler bags to bags of comparable size and features. The Victornox weighs a lot less. Compare the higher price for the Victornox bag to your favorite airline’s excess weight fees and do the math. Or wait for version 4.0 to come out and buy a 3.0 piece from a discounter.

The best thing about the bag is it’s pull handle. I feel the weight of the bag as something I’m mostly pulling forward, not something I’m partially lifting.

The hand grip on the end of the arm rotates 90 degrees. I find it easier on my wrist when my palm is facing my body:

not parallel to the floor:

Finally the handle is rugged. On every pass through an airport I see people dealing with broken pull handles. After one bus ride the luggage guy was just tossing bags out. One passenger saw his bag only to see another land on it. He grabbed the pull handle of the other bag to move it off his suitcase. He broke the handle. I didn’t hang around to see the subsequent conversation with the broken bag’s owner.

The Werks bag’s extension arm is a single aluminum tube with a cross section large enough to give it substantial strength. My bag was dropped on it’s extended arm. Because it is curved, that meant a significant impact. (The typical straight extension arms would strike the floor flat, spreading the impact). The arm gained a little slop in it’s action but it didn’t break. I count that as a win.


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