Maids: I Can’t Make This Up

I advise clicking on the pictures AFTER reading this, otherwise it won’t make much sense.

On my seventh day at the hotel I realized that I hadn’t left a tip for the maids like I’d been doing since after the first night. I made up for it by leaving a double tip, 40 baht instead of 20. I don’t know how much effect that had on what happened next, but its the only difference I can identify.

The maids do an excellent job. One of my life habits is to not close drawers or cabinet doors when I’m done. The maids close them for me, which is weird because I’m used to things being ajar.

I save plastic bags. I need them to put dirty clothes in, to put my shoes in before they go in the suitcase and to stuff in my messenger bag when it looks like rain in case I have something that shouldn’t get wet. In this hotel I keep them in the third drawer of the dresser.

I don’t know if the maids were bored (I’ve been the only guest in the hotel for the last three nights. Seems like half the tourists have disappeared since the beginning of Labor Day weekend) or delighted or were just wondering how they could make it into my blog. For whatever reason straightened up my plastic bag stash.


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