Changes In Change In Cebu

I’ve written earlier how clerks and waiters in Cebu think it’s their job to manager my change, how one sometimes has to wait while the clerk goes to another shop to get change when I do something like give them a P 50 note for a P15 purchase. I’ve long since learned not to get into a Taxi unless he shows me that he has change for the anticipated far and the size of bill I want to use.

Thailand was like The States: I give them money they give me change. I started to manage my change, e.g., on a THB 321 purchase I’d give them 521 to get rid of coins and small bills.

My first day back in Cebu I did that without thinking. The clerk didn’t complain. I tried it a few more times with the same result. They were OK with giving me change if I gave them some. I may have had 100 and 20 peso bills and a 125 bill, for example. If I gave the clerk a 500 peso note that would be a problem. If I gave her a 500 and a 20 to achieve the same purpose, break the 500, there was rarely a complaint.

I wish I’d learned this before my last four days there. Oh, I’m in Dumaguete now. More about that later.


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