Women Expats

One of my female friends asked if I could write about women expats. Problem is, there aren’t many of them.

Most of the western foreign women seen here are backpackers, SCUBA divers or missionaries. Those sightings are infrequent. Actual residents are few and far between.

I’ve seen one English female expat who is resident in Dumaguete, there probably are more. She is the woman I barely mentioned here. There were two couples in Cebu that had been married forever, both were part of couples that owned successful expat oriented businesses. My social interaction with them was only as a customer of their business so I don’t have anything to say about them.

Almost all of the men I have met were divorced when they arrived here, the ones who later married did so with a Filipina. There are a few who are here either part of the year or are scouting the place out who are married but the wife is not in country.

One explanation for why there are so few women expats can be found at http://www.talesmag.com It contains ‘Real Post Reports’ wherein U.S. State Dept. staff and employees of multinationals answer a set of questions about the town they live in. One of the questions is how is it for married couples, families and singles. The Phils is one of the countries that is described as hell for single women and heaven for single men.

I have not met, heard or read of a single woman expat retiring in this country. Maybe because the following story would be the typical outcome.

Years ago a new member arrived on one of the Phils expat internet forums. She was contemplating an offer for a position in Manila and had questions. Unlike most newcomers she had done her research and already had answers to the obvious questions. Her questions revealed that she had put a lot of thought into coming here.

The forum members answered her questions quickly and thoroughly. Had she asked the usual beginner questions she would have been told to search the forum and gotten a lot of joke answers, the usual treatment for those who didn’t do their basic homework. She gave thanks and left.

About 9 months later she makes another post asking where she could meet English speaking western men for dating. The post received a lot of page views but not a single response.


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