Random Stuff

* Just because a store is prepared to sell someone a new phone doesn’t mean they also carry the mini-USB cable it needs.

* I call them ‘girls’ because that’s the term they use to describe themselves, including the ones in their late 20s.

* One of the frequently asked questions on Phils expat boards is how long does it take to adjust to the heat. Weather report for today said the Heat Index (aka ‘Feels like’) was 115 F today. No it doesn’t. I think I’m adapted.

* The best part of physical therapy is when she measures my maximum angles and shows how I’ve progressed against the same measurement a week ago.

* I wrote earlier about being advised to hoard certain food items because they are not seen very often on the shelves. First time I saw soy milk I bought all they had – 4 liters. Haven’t seen any since at that store.

* What is the difference between really poor countries and merely poor? The Phils can afford body bags, unlike some other countries. However, during disasters like the recent floods they do wash them out and reuse them.


2 Responses to Random Stuff

  1. Ellen says:

    Your comment about not being able to buy the USB cable your new phone would need made me think of a question… if you buy something over the internet, would it actually get to you? (Never mind for the moment the shipping charges etc.)

    • fourletternerd says:

      I have been contemplating ordering some stuff from the US to be shipped here and figured I’d write about it. There will be two posts. The first will be about what I expect to happen and maybe I’ll even mention what I’m buying. The second will be after I take delivery and compare expected to actual outcome.

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