Shipping Goods Here: The What

Here are the things I am contemplating ordering and the reason why.

Oreos. 75 pounds of Oreos. Just kidding. I don’t like Oreos.

Running shoes. In this country I’m Bigfoot. Cebu has shoes my size at prices equal to the states and quality far inferior. I’ve worn nothing but New Balance shoes for years and order them from so I have no problem ordering another pair. I need a pair of light hiking shoes so I can go with the Hash House Harriers and not trash my tennis shoes.

Sandals. My Tevas are getting worn out. I should have started this adventure with a new pair. Fit isn’t critical so I’ll go with US of A quality.

Ear Plugs. I use them to sleep sometimes. The ones here suck big time. US ones can stop up to  32 db worth of noise. That’s a lot.

Boxer shorts. More room for a given waist size and better quality.

I suppose I can stop mentioning quality, it’s a given that the stuff from the states will be better unless I order made in China stuff from Wal-Mart.

All-Clad cookware. A big saute pan, a 1 1/2 quart sauce pan and an 8″ fry pan. The stuff here is either thin aluminum or thin stainless steel which means hot spots galore and burned food. High end cookware is rumored to be found in Manila but I’d rather not go there.

Kitchen knives. I broke a paring knife cutting a carrot. It was a big carrot.

Kitchen tools. Something that won’t bend, break or burn my hand.

Oven mitt. Jeeze, you’d think that would be easy to make a cheap one that works, but Noooooooooo.

Lets see, 12 x 12 = 144, also known as a Gross. So I’ll order 12 boxes, each containing 12 condoms for One Gross of condoms. Yes, that’s in here just for the pun.

Motorcycle helmet. In the early 70s the Bell Helmet company ran print ads that said “Got a $10 head? Buy a $10 helmet.” At the time some Bells cost $100 which was a lot when new VW Bugs were under $2000, and $10 helmets actually existed. Close examination of the helmets available here indicate that everyone has a head worth less than $10. Fit is important. I know the size of the last two helmets I bought for autocross, so maybe I’ll get lucky on the fit. Is a poor fit on an excellent helmet better than a good fit on a piece of shit one? I think so.  Will buying a helmet mean I need to ship two boxes?  Probably.

DVD sets: Dexter and Mad Men season three because I loved seasons one and two. Dollhouse because I love some of the work of Joss Whedon (Firefly!!).

Leatherman tool. I’m embarrassed to tell y’all what happened to mine.

Breathe Right strips. Given the choice of taking allergy medication or wearing one of these so I can breath while sleeping I’ll take the funny looking plastic strip.

Ball point pens.

USB adapters for SD and mini-SD cards. These would be backups. They’re small and cheap so why not.

Queen size Tempur-Pedic Mattress. I wish.

Fig Newtons. There are some cookies I miss.


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