First Aid and Infections

A few days ago I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in months. She had a small burn that had become a nasty infection because of not cleaning it properly. I usually carry water and alcohol based hand cleaner with me so I thought I would be prepared.

Then I cut myself on a door bolt and realized that carrying some kleenex and band aids would be helpful. Ever try to buy a box of band aids while using your index finger to press a kleenex against a thumb cut on your good arm while fishing in your pockets for money with the arm that doesn’t work so well? I almost asked someone to dig my wallet out of my pocket for me before remembering I had some small bills in a different pocketl.

I added band aids to the contents of the Bicycle Messenger bag I carry. The band aids here hve low quality adhesive. Between sweat and humidity they don’t stay on long which is why I carry several.


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