Clothes Shopping

I’ve been shopping now that all my stuff doesn’t have to fit into two suitcases.  I knew where I could find some shorts but asked some guys who have been here much longer where I should buy. I followed their directions. At first I thought it was a wild goose chase when I arrived at the place shown in the photo.

Stores like this (“Surplus Stores”) are found all over the Phils. The contents come from Goodwill stores and the like in the states.

Went in, told the lady my size and she pulled all the shorts they had in that size. Bought two pair for a total of P 150, $ 3.19

Are you asking yourself what I’m doing buying used clothes? They’re not just any clothes, they’re used American clothes. Somewhere along the line from donation to sales rack the worn out, stained and damaged have been excluded. The used American clothes are much better quality than the new stuff available locally.

Dumaguete is a special case. There is one department store and some small speciality clothes stores. There is little competition so Mr. Lee sells overpriced crap.

I go to the Dept. store at Lee Plaza to see if there was anything acceptable. Found a table of long pants for P 80 to P 150 $1.60 to 3.19. Labor is cheap so I could have them made into shorts. Dug around a little and realized they were all seconds.

Next I saw some decent product that looked acceptable, except the price was 2 1/2 times what I thought it should be.

Then I found a rack of shorts that were OK in quality and only P 500 $ 10.64. I needed one more pair more than I needed the P 250 overcharge so I grabbed three and headed for the dressing room. One had a broken zipper, one had a button-hole that was so small it couldn’t be buttoned and the third seemed OK. I put my hand in the right front pocket and thought the lining was only slightly stronger than paper towels. Put my hand in the left one and found there already was a finger hole in it. No sale.

I think I’m going shopping in Cebu next week for shorts, brown rice, barley (and what ever other whole grains I want), Melatonin and to resupply my OTC allergy meds at the Generics Pharmacy. I’m sure there will be more added to that list. I will leave time to see a couple of friends also.


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