Health Update

Last week I was able to put my left hand into my left front pants pocket while standing and didn’t have either pain or have to contort to make it easier. Yesterday I was able to do the same thing while sitting down. That made me happy. There is more range of motion to recover but I’ll take the encouragement of these milestones any day.

In early August I found I was anemic. One month of making sure I ate a lot of high iron foods (which is what the doc said to do) did nothing. I switched to the same dosage of iron pills recommended for pregnant women and threw in a chaser of vitamin C to increase the iron absorption. Six weeks later (because I bought six weeks worth of iron) I reran the blood tests. I’m no longer anemic, though one of the numbers is in the low part of the normal range. Looks like continued iron for me, though not at the same level I’ve been doing.


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