Another’s Big Spider Encounter

It was easy to find stories of foreigner’s first encounters with this country’s big spider. So far, this is my favorite.

Note: an ‘easyride’ is a small truck with a covered bed that has two bench seats in the back that face each other.

I must share a story with you…Asawa ko and I were traveling home from dgte to Balugo enjoying the ambiance of the easyride. Was about midday so rather hot and the breeze felt good. My Asawa with her gentle smile informs me there is a spider by my shoulder, so not thinking I casually turn to find myself face to face with DEATH!! The biggest freakin spider I have ever seen!!! Military training kicking in…within a split second tho seemed much longer I found myself sitting on the laps of the passengers on the other bench seat!! Of course everybody was laughing as my tiny petite Asawa shoos the spider away…I did not feel manly that day! heheheh and Asawa ko reminds me from time-to-time how she saved my life from the giant killer spider then laughs!!


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