Thats No Gecko!

I took my glasses off before getting into bed. Dark movement high on a wall caught my attention. It was larger than the lizards I’ve seen in Dumaguete, so I put my glasses back on to check it out.

Holy Shit, that’s a big spider. One prod with an umbrella tip (it was high on a wall) and omigod, that’s a fast spider. His escape plan was flawed – he ran into a corner, where I killed him.

I would have let him live, had I not been ignorant. Turns out the Brown Huntsman spider is beneficial. They eat cockroaches and silverfish. They don’t build webs, they run down their prey. I’d like to see that.

Sorry Mr. Spider.


2 Responses to Thats No Gecko!

  1. Ellen says:

    A spider bigger than a lizard?!? Yikes. Not that the Philippines was ever on my List of Places to Visit, but now it’s definitely off off off.

  2. Rick says:

    Rick says:
    October 6, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Hello there, I am a 63 year old American, Married to a beautiful Filipina, now retired and living in the house we built in Asingan, Pangasinan. Three weeks ago I went into the bathroom to take a shower, it was a really hot afternoon and a nice cool shower would be just the thing, as I opened the doors to the shower stall, my goodness, there was this Spider the size of my hand (that would be about 5″ across) standing in the stall. Like someone else had posted here, I have never seen a Spider this big other then in a zoo collection or on some nature show on the TV. But, here it was, huge. Backed me right up. I got the camera and took a picture of this very large Spider then went to the computer, opened Google and put in, “List the Spiders of the Philippines”. The results was a really educational list of Spiders with pictures which allowed me to compare my picture with till I found the match. Found that this really big Spider, who was standing in my shower, was a Male Huntsman Spider. The difference is the female if a bit thicker while the male is very large but had skinny legs. They do not make webs but rather hunt like a tiger by stalking their pray. Also as others has said, they are extremely fast.

    Good news. The Huntsman Spider, male or female are not toxic to humans. Not to say that they will not bit. If you corner one and it feels that it has no place to go, like any other living thing, it will defend itself. Again, it is not toxic to humans but its bite would be like a sting of a wasp. Indeed, the first time you see one of these guys, man you feel like you are going to jump out of your skin. But really, they are not aggressive at all. Quite timid and would much rather run away from you rather then be confront by you. well, if it is a female with eggs, she carries her eggs in a little silk “pillow” under her abdomen, she could be a bit more aggressive then normal. But then what would you do if someone tried to hurt one of your children?

    Having done a good deal of research about the Philippine Huntsman Spider, my wife (Priny) and I (Rick) have come to enjoy having him around as the bug population has dramatically declined. Have not seen one of those giant roaches that used to lumber though the house. We have made our staff, two house maids, totally aware of “Harry’s ” (yeah, we gave him a name) presence and instructed them that he was not to be interfered with in any way. His job is to maintain control of the bug population of the house. Have seen him in the Master bathroom (Where he came to interview for the job of staff exterminator), through out the Master bedroom, both the main kitchen and the dirty kitchen, the dining room, the living room and even up stairs.

    Harry is a welcome sight in our house now and we all say hello when we see him.

    The Huntsman Spider may be very big and quite intimidating the first time you see one. But, they are an asset to your home.


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