Fast Food

Food places selling previously prepared food are everywhere.  I almost never eat at them because of fears that the once cooked food that has cooled and is being held at a little over room temperature is too much of a bacteria factory for my GI tract.  There is real cook to order fast food.  For around 70 P ($ 1.50) one can get a lukewarm burger, fries and soft drink at McDonald’s or Jollibee.  Or one can go to Qyosoko in Dumaguete.

They cook to order in addition to already prepared foods.  The menu is extensive:


Qyosoko Menu

One of the foreigner’s favorites is the Tropical Tuna burger.


Tropical Tuna burger

A big, fresh slice of tuna that is deep fried. One side of the bun has cole slaw and the fish is topped with a slice of mango. The town of General Santos on the nearby island of Mindanao is the tuna fishing capital of asia so there is no problem getting it fresh.


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