The Season Just Changed?

At first I thought it was just a few days of unusual wind speed and direction.   Seems like now every afternoon the wind is from the north-east, blowing strong enough to create whitecaps.  I think the regional seasonal weather pattern has just changed.

I saw this happen 5 years ago in Thailand.  A man who had been living for years in the beach town I was visiting said there was a weather pattern change that happened every year at about the same time.  I think it’s the end of the monsoon season, but wouldn’t bet on it.

Having been a sailor, mountaineer and pilot I’ve had to learn how to pay attention to the weather because if  I didn’t it could mean my ass.  The first time I experienced the end of monsoon I thought it was kinda cool, in a weather geek way.  I’d read about it but never experienced it.  This time it’s cool, literally, because it marks the beginning of the not so hot, not so wet season.  It’s raining less, the daytime highs are down a bit and it’s cool enough later at night that I can imagine voluntarily wearing long pants. (The only instances where I put on long pants are in self-defense against the AC in buses and movie theaters, and when I go to the Bureau of Immigration to get my 60 day visa extension.)

Impact? Not much.  There are more tourists in town. They’re not the usual solo male travelers and don’t look like SCUBA divers. In other words, real tourists.  It’s a bit of a startle to hear a female voice speaking English without a Filipina accent. I often take trikes for short distances just to prevent breaking a sweat, the distances I’m willing to walk are getting longer. I’ve been using the AC to sleep, mostly to drown out morning noises. Last two nights were without AC, the roosters didn’t wake me up.

There is a larger impact.  The climate change, the calendar and approaching Thanksgiving all remind me that I’ve been out of the states for one year.


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