Random Stuff, with Photos

Geckos are a common sight on interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Small gecko

Above is a typical size indoor gecko. That door hinge is 90 mm (about 3 1/2″) long. Silly me, I thought their ability to stick to walls had something to do with their weight.

Big gecko

I put the post-it there so as to be able to estimate the size of this gecko. That paper is a 75mm (2.95 inches) square. I’m glad he was outside my apartment, not inside.


Riding a motorbike makes my arm hurt, so I don’t do it very often. Having one makes exploring the surrounding barangays easier, something most pleasantly done early in the morning when it’s cool and the light is dramatic.

I stopped at a bridge over a stream. What I saw summarized well what it’s like outside the towns and cities, or what everyone calls ‘in the provinces’.

The rural areas are filled with tropical scenery marred by trash.

I wondered if these people were washing in the stream because they had to or simply because it was the best option. I rode by in the middle afternoon and saw 8-10 people doing laundry in the same place.

When I select a trike I look for a 4-stroke motor because they’re quieter and pollute less, a working muffler and some indication that the shocks in the trike cab work because the 15 minute ride home has some bumpy roads. But when trikes are in demand I take what I can get, including this one with broken shocks.


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