Phils: Stay or Go Part 2

Oh fuck me:  I have another case of bronchitis.  It’s a mild one, so far.  Should I be relieved about that?  Or should I get on the next plane out of here after I’m healthy again?

At my most pessimistic I wonder if there is any town I can afford to live in that has air clean enough for me to not keep getting sick.  I’m sure there is, but would I want to live in a place that far out in the boonies.

I’ve been  researching other destinations to see how polluted the air is.  That info is not easy to find in countries that don’t measure it.  There are two places in Latin America on my list that have decent air but I didn’t expect to have to use my Spanish so soon.  If at all.


I’m a new patient at the doc I saw today.  His receptionist ascertained that I’m retired, living here and single.  Another medical center employee came in, collecting money for something.  Not exactly unusual in an officer at Christmas time.  I visited with her while the receptionist was on the phone.  Before the other girl left there was a giggling exchange between them and then she gave the receptionist a piece of paper who gave it to me without comment.

I’ve been invited to the second floor secretaries’ Christmas party. Change that aargh to semi-aargh.


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