Random Stuff With Photos for Dec.

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This worker broke up a house foundation using a hand tool. Took him two days with another half day to remove the concrete.

This man is a hollow block specialist. He gets paid P 1.5 ($ 0.032) a block and says he will do 500 a day. He had planned two days for the job, but the first day’s work was cut short by rain. He had other jobs lined up so the next day he cranked out 640 so as to finish in the two days he had alloted.

I wonder what Chicken Butt means to Filipinos.

Some buildings have bilingual signs where the English part asks people not to urinate there. I wonder what Pee means to Filipinos.

“Don’t give me any of that intelligent life crap, give me something I can blow up!” – best quote from the best science fiction movie you’ve never heard of. Directed by John Carpenter (The Thing, Escape From New York, Christine). Written by Carpenter and the guy who co-wrote Alien. Yes, I know I didn’t say the film’s title.

Fireworks row in Dumaguete.

I live next to a tiny farm. On Dec 24th and Dec 31st they set off about an hours worth of firewords on the section being plowed. The section is undergoing the same preparation the others have, so soon there will be little green leafy plants sucking up bits of dead fireworks for nutrition.

About 10 km up the road I live on is a geothermal power plant. There are some natural steam vents and hot springs in the area. The steam has enough sulfur in it to knock flies off an outhouse. I’m curious how long it took the people living in this house to get used to the stench

Just another post-rain afternoon view from the top floor of the apartment building.


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