2009 Blog Stats

The most viewed pages in 2009 were ‘About’ and ‘Photo Album’, as expected. But the content page with the most hits was Unexpected Danger on a Ferry. You sick puppies. You are my kind of readers 😉

When I started this blog one of my first ideas for a title was ‘Expecting Zero Readers Since 2008’. I often write for myself and the occasional expat or expat-wannabe that wanders in. The WordPress stats show only four hits from searches including the term ‘expat’. Maybe I should actually use that word once in a while.

‘Tonros Apartelle’ was the top search term. I lived there for three months and very few people write about it so that explains why my blog is usually on the first page of Google search results. *yawn*

The strangest set of search terms used to reach my blog was ‘nerdy cutting board’. I hope that was a typo, otherwise I fear there is an entire nerd subculture of which I know nothing.


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