Health Update

Sinus and lung infection are gone, but it took two courses of antibiotics this time.

There has been rapid progress in my shoulder.

On Dec 5 I wrote “I’ve gained so much range that my PT substituted two new exercises for the two that were no longer effective.” The good news is that one of those new exercises is no longer effective because I’ve gained so much range of motion.

Dec 5: “I can put my left hand in my back left pocket with only a bit of a pain.” No change.

Dec 5: “Putting on button front shirts is back to normal but taking them off is still tricky.” Both on and off are back to normal, as long as I do it my habitual way, left arm first going on and last coming off. I can put a button up shirt on right arm first, but can’t take it off that way without some contortion.

Dec 5: “I can put on T-shirts, finally, but I’ll bet it’s funny to watch me do so.” On and off are back to normal. I take a T off by grabbing the middle of the back of the neck with my right hand coming over the top of my head. Can’t do that left handed yet, but can if I come around the side of my head.


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