Edited For Television

Most of the movie cable channels edit out sex and language. One channel from Taiwan edits much less. They certainly leave in all the foul language. There is no nudity, but the scenes play is if the director shot an alternate version so he can still tell the story with the adult situations but without the buns and nipples.

I saw Full Metal Jacket recently. It’s Stanly Kubrick’s anti-war film set in Vietnam (his other anti-war film, Paths of Glory, is set in WWI and is the superior film, IMHO). All the combat gore and drill instructor language was left in, as was the cold blooded murder by the psycho recruit and his subsequent messy suicide.

What surprised me is they edited out the end of the scene where Joker becomes a squad leader. The men were marching in the barracks on Christmas, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The Drill Instructor sees Joker not singing. Once the D.I. establishes that the recruit does not believe in Jesus he metes out verbal and physical punishment that exceeds anything he’s delivered so far in the story. Joker correctly realizes that to back down from his beliefs will unleash even worse punishment and tells the Sargent that in response to a question. He’s promoted to squad leader for that stance.


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