12 Round Fruits for New Years

One of the New Years customs is to bring 12 round (or rounded) fruits as a gift when you visit friends’ homes. I’m told it’s better to bring 12 different fruits or at least a variety of fruits. I now know that’s why there were fruits I’d never seen before in the markets as Jan 1 approached. I didn’t try any of them, they disappeared from the markets before I could find out what they were and how to eat them.

[Edited May 15, 2010] Tambis grows in Thailand and I tried some. One of its names in the Phils is ‘Water Apple’ and that describes the taste. Flesh is firm, but not as firm as the apple varieties I usually eat. It’s also somehow wetter. Mild crunch when bit into. Flavor is hard to describe. It’s pleasant, but there isn’t much to notice about it. I haven’t tried it again because the fruit carts sell things I enjoy more. [End edit]

The photos are mine, but I’ve taken and edited the fruit descriptions below from the web. [Edited Apr. 9, 2010 to remove material that may be copyrighted]


tiessa fruit

Tambis / Water Apple

tambis fruit


A few posts ago I described the picture of 3-4 grapes for sale as single sized servings. Now it is obvious they were selling the small amounts for inclusion in a New Years gift. I deleted the photo and description from the original post and have included the picture here.

Most fruit stands sell tangerines, oranges and apples. Many carry one or two more fruits of the following: bananas, mangoes, grapes and pears. The photo below is at a stand where I usually buy 2 tangerines and an apple. Except on the day this photo was taken, I’d never seen more than 4 types of fruit at one time there.


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