An Oddly Familiar Sensation

I imagine this best read by someone doing a bad Capt. Kirk imitation, speaking his thoughts aloud.

That was a — low level — life support alert, disregard.

Another — alert. I must scan my surroundings. Ambient air currents — stronger — than normal. Convection losses higher than antica — pated. Hairs on exposed skin — not — lying — flat. Brain, analysis?

The brain responds, informing me to either close some windows or put on a shirt. You’re cold, you idiot.

Cold? In the Philippines? Not very often and not very likely.

Three days of no sun, a storm front passing through has made it too cool to sit at my computer in just boxer shorts. I closed another window and put on a T-shirt. I saw the apartment owner walk by, so I chased after him. ‘Dave, I’ve been looking all over my apartment but I can’t find the heater.’ He got a chuckle out of that.


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