Phils: Stay or Go Part 3

I’ve been cranky lately. But not too cranky to notice that the new allergy med I’m on has been working wonders. Avamys is a miracle drug for me. Totally unstuffed and no drowsy side effect.

I should give the air quality in Dumaguete another chance. Between this med and twice daily nasal lavage maybe I can keep the frequency of sinus infections to one every other year, which is what I had while living in Southern California.

In the mean time I’ll keep working on a Plan B. Malaysia may be involved just to get a Thai visa. If I’m going to have to pass through there, might as well hang around for a while.


4 Responses to Phils: Stay or Go Part 3

  1. Ellen says:

    Avamys is apparently a Canadian brand name for fluticasone furoate. I use fluticasone propionate (generic version of Flonase), it is wonderful. Only thing I could find on the web re differences between these was “Absolute bioavailability is less than 2% ( Flonase ) and 0.5% (fluticasone furoate).” (at, honestly not sure what this means.

    How much do you pay for it there?

  2. Ellen says:

    That’s a good price. Before I got back on Kaiser (long story) the best price I found here was WalMart, $44 for 30 days, then they raised it to $47.

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