Health Update

My range of motion has expanded like a flower opening in a time-lapse film. I have occasional pain after using the arm too much. It’s almost back to normal, I just need 30 degrees more on external rotation. That’s always the last one to get better.

The doc had me working on building strength and was no longer measuring range. I requested new stretching exercises because most of the existing ones were non longer effective. She didn’t respond to my request. I realized they were milking me and so I stopped paying for physical therapy. I’m on my own with a combo of moves I remember from 9 years ago and ones I’ve found on the net. I do stretching one day and strength building the next.

One of the good things about frozen shoulder is that it gets better by its self. The physical therapy is just to speed it up and get one out of the phase where the arm hurts too much and does too little. I’m sure glad that phase is over.


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